Conscious Beauty - Part 1

In this very first episode of conscious beauty, we will be sharing you the story of ‘Anita’ and how she discovered her true interpretation of beauty. Hi, My name is Anita and I am originally from Guntur district of Telangana (erstwhile Andhra Pradesh).  My parents came to Mumbai when I was not even born. My father had a job over here in of the vintage, private bank. I was born...

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Five Ways To Stop Premature Ageing

Ageing is such a paradox, when we are kids we always think about growing up and transforming into the ‘so called adult’, who could possibly be free to do whatever he wishes for. At least, this is what our amateur brain tells us.  However, when we actually grew up and reality punches us hard on our face. We come to realizes that all our hopes of being a grown up...

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Five Bad Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Skin

We are conditioned since our growing days to not to behave badly, not to inculcate habits which gives an awful impression of us in front of the other people. Habits are taught straight from our childhood to sometimes late teenage years. Any habits whether good or bad, which we develop in our later years of life, are solely comes out from our own consciousness.  What I have observed is, knowingly...

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Beauty treasures: Four anti-ageing secrets

Treasures are meant to be kept in secret, to hide them from the glaring, public eyes. Some are truly confidential and if exposed can lead to a backlash in society, some are deliberately hidden from the masses because of some weird reasons, and some are concealed because of vested interests. Every treasure in this world comes with a fascinating back-story. Straight from the legends of Bermuda triangle (which is still...

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