Beauty treasures: Four anti-ageing secrets

Treasures are meant to be kept in secret, to hide them from the glaring, public eyes. Some are truly confidential and if exposed can lead to a backlash in society, some are deliberately hidden from the masses because of some weird reasons, and some are concealed because of vested interests.

Every treasure in this world comes with a fascinating back-story. Straight from the legends of Bermuda triangle (which is still unknown), or aliens’ theory, and even Cleopatra

Everlasting beauty is also one such secret which has been passed through generation to generation in a much-closed circles. Only recently, some of these anti-ageing secrets have landed in mainstream social world. However, still there are many people who are unaware of it. So, for all those people, who have been kept out of the well-kept secret? Here is the compilation for you all.


Does skin cream or anti-ageing creams help?

Well to begin with, tradition of applying creams or cosmetic, lubricant substances is quite old. Since centuries women in general applied different protective covering, not just to enhance their beauty but also to solidify skin longevity. These cosmetics were mix of different herbs and were in accordance with the ongoing climate.

Skin creams or particularly anti-ageing creams might help your skin. However, you need to be very cautious of how well your skin is able to tolerate the particular ingredient. Not only you have to check the product labels beforehand, but you also need to do a patch test just to be sure whether or not it is safe for your overall skin. Also, the kind of myth surrounding chemical-based products are harmful for skin, is just bogus. In fact, a well-known chemical Retinoid have proven to be effective in delaying any sign of premature ageing.


Diet is huge factor

People usually underestimate how healthy, wholesome diet could lead to better, glowing skin. Secret of your glowing skin is somehow connected to your gut health. If your gut is healthy, your body will show signs of positivity and your skin will look more supple, devoid of wrinkles and any kind of age sign.

The science behind direct relevance between your food and your skin is the hormones and bodily acids which are secreted to digest your food. Since, some foods such as gluten wheat, red meat, processed foods, etc., could create disturbance in your digestive system, leading up to excess production of digestive acids which in turn not only affect your whole system, but also your skin. Cystic acne, skin blemishes, ulcers are such side effects of unhealthy diet.


Never imitate someone else skin pattern

The fact that most of us carried away by different skincare brands promoting their products through influential, celebrity community and try to imitate their behaviour is overly wrong. The whole pretext of a celebrity with a gorgeous, supple skin and thousands or lakh of followers having a skincare regime worth following immediately by common masses is slightly tricky. I am not saying it will not work for you, it might actually and sometimes it can do wonders for your skin. However, you need to find your own routine; you need to fight your own battle. To chart your own skincare routine, you need to understand the nuances of how skin friendly ingredients works.

For that you need to do a little research. I am not saying to fully dedicate you towards learning each and everything about skin science. However, just get used to learn a thing or two from Internet or different sources about how a particular ingredient will help your skin, and what good habits you need to inculcate under your skin routine. The secret of your conscious beauty lies in you. Never forget that.


Know your ‘Dosha’ AKA Body type

 According to various ancient sources, your body Dosha signified the type of cosmetic and food source your body is going to need. Also, earlier people used to treat their skin, keeping in mind their body Dosha.  Beauty products such as oils, face masks etc., were made in lieu with a case specific category. Specific ingredients were used for six seasons of the year. A whole A-list of herbs and oils were procured, tested (there were humans as a test subject) and were given to those individuals who were suffering from various skin issues such as grey hair, superfluous hairs, and beautification creams.

Nowadays, you could easily determine your body Dosha. It can be done by any ayurvedic practitioner and usually it is free. However, it always depends upon the practitioner discretion.



I hope you enjoyed reading the article and I hope above article gave you the glimpse of what anti-ageing secrets are all about.

Thanks for reading.

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