Explained in this week - Four ways to naturally glow your skin

“Oh my dear, glow like a sun and shine like a moon. And see how nobles one by one fall at your feet. "It’s an excerpt from an ancient Indian source where a mother tells her daughter how your stunning, bright complexion would make elite nobles of the society alluring for her, which will ultimately benefit the family and the daughter to get their desired upward mobility in society. 


Well, times have certainly changed since then and it has been changed for good. Now you no longer need to entice any noble through your beauty to get what you deserve in life. Women are no longer stereotyped as only means to produce an heir. However, what I liked about the excerpt was how glowing complexion was always seen as an indication of healthy body and the beauty. It is common in present times too.


People with radiant and natural glow signal healthy skin. Devoid of any stress, lack of sleep, age and unhealthy diet. If you really want to achieve your desired luminous glow then follow these few standard rules and you will certainly get what you want.


Exfoliate often

Exfoliation is a process to cleanse of your skin from any unwanted dust, oil and dead cells. Exfoliation should be done regularly, ideally, exfoliating two times a day could transcend towards getting a fresh look.


However, one mistake most of the people do is they tend to be too harsh on their facial skin while cleaning it.  Well, if you do like this you might end up damaging the pores and worse destroying your skin natural elasticity. While cleansing, make sure you do it gently, always try to cleanse your face in a upward motion. Even, when you’re wiping off your face with a towel do it more gently try to just dab it on your face.


Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Remember that old school saying, which our elders used to tell us. Want a glowing skin; make H20 your very best friend. One of the very key ways to brighten your skin tone is to hydrate it often. I mean like drinking around 10 cups of water daily. In winters, we try to skip our water intake and substitute it with some other drinks like tea and coffee.  However, to get a glow make sure you’re drinking unsweetened water, no other drinks.


Eat healthy, feel healthy

Healthy eating has been only conceptualized to just not eating junk food or any kinds of processed foods. Although, it is minutely correct. We need to know eating right is not just limited to junk foods or processed foods. It’s a process in which you discard all kinds of food stuff which are harming your body and eventually skin, in a long term. Example of which is, coffee or gluten based diets which directly affects your gut health in longevity. When you’re gut health is compromised your skins starts to show visible effects such as dullness, acne, scars and pigmentation.


Try Skin brightening products

Typical skin brightening serums will definitely contain Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant that brightens skin by blocking an enzyme that produces pigment.

Moreover, a top notch quality based Vitamin based serum will also contain Niacinamide, apart from Vitamin C. As Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3 successfully slows pigment production to lighten dark spots.


If you’re looking for some skin brightening products always check out whether the product contains Vitamin C and niacinamide or not. I hope the article helps you to understand and get your natural glow by using the above mentioned techniques.

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