Five Bad Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Skin

We are conditioned since our growing days to not to behave badly, not to inculcate habits which gives an awful impression of us in front of the other people.

Habits are taught straight from our childhood to sometimes late teenage years. Any habits whether good or bad, which we develop in our later years of life, are solely comes out from our own consciousness.

 What I have observed is, knowingly or unknowingly we might have some habits which are harming us in many possible ways, and we have no clue whatsoever about how much impact that it carries.

Let’s talk about skin, how many people know that some of your bad habits might lead deterioration of our skin? I am sure majority of us are unaware of the fact how your one bad habit could be the possible reason of you getting lots of acne, blemishes, dark spots, etc., here is list of five bad habits you want to check it out.

Picking your nose

The minor habit of picking your nose and then immediately touching your face, means disgruntled particles forming in the surface layer of your skin, which develops in a form of bacteria and are sufficient enough to be a free ground for acne and blemishes.

Skipping your meals

It might seem truly harmless in surface. However, skipping your meals could literally mean upsetting your gut health, and your gut health plays a pivotal role in well being of your skin.

If someone is suffering from irrational bowel movements then acne, acne scars, dull skin becomes really very common. It is actually a sign from your body telling you that there is something going wrong inside of you. So never skip your regular meals.

Touching your face

 Touching face every now and then, doesn’t serve any purpose. I know some people don’t do it consciously. It just happens, sometimes you are in deep thoughts and you don’t even know how many times you have touched your face.

The problem is your hand wanders around a lot before coming in contact with your face, it touches wooden surfaces, door knobs, car steering etc., all these areas are home to loads of bacteria’s. And when you touch your face after touching all these areas, you run a risk of having skin infection.

Bizarre sleep schedule

‘Sleep on time, wake up on time’ Old proverb comes with lot of meaning. Sleeping with schedule not only manages you to look fresh and healthy.

 Also, it wards you against many skin disorders like dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Having an ideal 8 hour sleep cycle is enough for your skin to look rejuvenated and devoid of paleness.

Drinking excessive amount of carbonated soda

Soft drinks or carbonated drinks increase inflammation in your body. It increases the production of digestive acids in your body, excessively making your skin more prone to eczema, long lasting acne and drier skin.

It is fine to drink soda sometimes, however if you have a habit of drinking it often. Then you need to limit your consumption for your own sake.


I hope the above article provided you a how your bad habits might be reason for you getting some skin problems. I hope you like it


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