Five Ways To Stop Premature Ageing

Ageing is such a paradox, when we are kids we always think about growing up and transforming into the ‘so called adult’, who could possibly be free to do whatever he wishes for. At least, this is what our amateur brain tells us.

 However, when we actually grew up and reality punches us hard on our face. We come to realizes that all our hopes of being a grown up and doing anything and everything under the sun was such a moronic idea. It was nowhere near the reality, yes you become independent. But then what? It changes nothing.

Ageing also comes with its own bondages. Grey hair is a sign of maturity, but it also reaffirms that you are getting older and time is your biggest crunch from now. Plus, you miss your youthful days when your skin was more glowing, wrinkle free and dark spots free.

 If you have ever came across people who are suffering from premature ageing you could find out how their skin starts to become more fragile, loosening its elasticity and becoming paler. Premature ageing is bad, it starts to make you look older, then your actual age. This article today, I will list down some five ways to stop premature ageing. It works for any skin type and for every age group.


Use of topical anti-ageing creams

Anti-ageing creams in market come up with lot of hopes and promises. However, not all are effective for your skin. Let me tell you, in anti-ageing cream what matters most is the list of active ingredients used in making the formulation.

Some of the highly effective components whose efficacy can be vouched by dermatologists are creams infused with plant VOCs, plant extracts, botanical active ingredients and retinoid. Always, check the labels of creams before buying to be very sure about the entire ingredient it contains.

Always protect yourself from sunscreen

Sunscreens are an absolute barrier against sun damage. You need to know UV rays are one of the most damaging factors to your skin. It not only deteriorates your epidermis, but it also leaves you open to pigmentation, suns spots, tanning, wrinkles, and even skin cancer in extreme cases. You can use any broad spectrum type sunscreen and if you have an oily skin you can opt for gel based sunscreen, if you have dry or combination skin you can use lotion based sunscreens.

Hydroquinone your best bet

There have been some massive, misleading campaigns towards chemical based products in market. Some might be true however majority of it is downright blasphemous. Let’s take an example of hydroquinone it is one of the underrated chemical, acting as a skin bleaching agent in treating melasma, freckles, acne scars and age spots. And not a single scientific research till now has shown hydroquinone as a culprit in any skin related disorders.

In premature ageing related condition, hydroquinone is undoubtedly your best bet.

Stop excoriating

The most common way through which you can damage your skin, is excoriating your facial skin using a hard towel. I have seen many people carelessly doing it, without knowing its impact. When you excoriate your skin regularly you are basically damaging your pores and upper layer of your skin surface. Results, weakening of skin tissues and disfigurement of keratin (protein that binds cells together).

Keep a tab on your junk foods intake

Junk foods are enemy of your skin. No matter how much enticing and savoury it looks and feels. You need to be very careful about its intake. In most recent studies, it has been found that people suffering from melanin disorders (where your skin loses its natural colour) have some kind of eating disorder and special cravings for processed foods. Skin and your gut health are equally related, be wise and have some checks and balances on your food habits.

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