Four Skin Care Tips For Teens

Four Skin Care Tips For Teens

Every teenagers in this world reels under the hormonal changes, which constitutes major part of their growing up years. The kind of physical changes and emotional changes they go through are very sophisticated to understand, it’s perceived as normal. However, as a teenager in most cases there are prevalent issues which may seem normal to others but to a teenager it’s a huge unrelenting task.

Once, when I was in my teenage years. I knew how physical changes coupled with raging hormones were making me behave like a rebel kid for no apparent reason. And physical changes are not just limited to height, deep voice and facial and pubic hairs. Skin becomes either too oily or dry again in most cases and then you will get pimples and all over your face, which looks gross and certainly dampen your motivation and self-respect.

Your skin is part of your demeanor, it conveys the overall health of your body. Having a good, clear and smooth skin works like a charm for any age group. As you are in your teens, it’s good to keep your skin healthy and devoid of any unnecessary troubles.

Let’s have a look at most sought out advice by the skin experts on how teens can keep their skin good looking without the use of costly and pricy products.


Use face wash regularly

Cleaning your face, with face wash is a very effective way to remove all kinds of impurities and dust from your facial skin. Throughout the day, walking under the sun and travelling in the midst of traffic accumulates lot of dust particles clinging on your face. And if not washed properly could take the form of cyst which looks very unappealing on the face.

A good face wash helps in eradicating dust particles from your skin. And prevents developing boils, blackhead’s etc.  It will give your skin a very refreshing outlook. Ideally face wash can be used either before going to bed or in early mornings, whichever suits you. 


Exfoliate often

Exfoliating your skin often, if possible make it a routine. Deep cleansing or exfoliating of your facial skin helps in removing dead cells on the surface of your skin. Which in turn give it a very younger look. Gently, massaging your face with scrub removes all those anomalies which harms your skin.


 Watch your sleep cycle

I know with so many distractions, plus with so much pressure to outperform in academics, sports and all the other activities.  It’s not easy for you to get an ideal sleep routine. However, sleep deprivation has an adverse effects on our skin it maligns its shine and make it lose the natural texture of skin. Majority of dark circles, acne, and eczema happens because of irregular sleep pattern of an individual.

I will suggest you to at least sleep for around 8 to 10 hours a day. And if it’s possible, take a small nap in the afternoon just to refresh yourself after a tedious day in school or college. Ideally it would be better if you cut snap the time wasted on social media apps and use it more prudently in some other activities sleeping is one of them.



Keep tab on your fast food intake

Again process foods are super tasty and it looks luscious to relish. You just can’t hold your taste buds towards the gluten induced burgers, pizzas, fries etc. Especially when you are with your peers, who can’t stop their craving for junk foods and you also can’t just afford to miss out their company.

 However, you need to understand no matter how much enticing it looks and tastes. On a longevity junk foods, harms your gut health which directly results in deterioration of your skin. Various scientific studies have shown how bad it impacts your overall health, especially the skin.

So, sometimes I mean once in a blue moon its fine to go out and eat your heart out. However, keep a tab on how much junk food you are eating and then act accordingly.



Being a teenager is one of the best moments of your life, when you will look back at it after couple of years. You will feel how incredible those life moments were. You know, enjoy your teenage years and aspire to become the best version of yourself. Take care of your body and most importantly take care of your skin.

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