How to cope up with dry skin in winters: Home Remedies

How to cope up with dry skin in winters: Home Remedies

Winter breeze have started to come. The cool, windy light air brushing past through your face and hair is just surreal. I personally love winter’s, for me it’s more something to do with long nights, loads of chai/coffee or any other warm drink and placing myself beneath a thick blanket having some long, steady thought with myself.

However, annoying part of winters for me was chapped cheeks, cracking lips and super dry skin. It was really a nuisance, as much as I loved morning and evening winter breezes. I despised, its effects on my facial skin. Once, I remember I was so much cramped up by the ill effects of dry winter weather that I didn’t wanted to go out even for a walk. Once, I was outside for few minutes my lips could crack. I was just not liking it.

I am sure many of us are struggling with dry skin especially in winters. Sure there are enough creams available in the market however, it might not give you the desired results plus it will be temporary. I had actually tried few home grown methods which worked for me not only it had the desired effects. Also dryness in my skin is basically subdued since applying these methods. And it also worked for most of the people. Have a look into these methods:

Using right Aloe Vera

Now Aloe Vera gel comes in various forms and many companies are enchasing on the effectiveness of Aloe Vera. However, one thing I would tell you if you really want to see its best results always use pulp of raw, organic, fresh aloe Vera leaf. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and improves collagen and elastin levels.

Coconut oil

One of the many traditional usage of coconut oil is it helps in generating fatty acid in your skin which is prominent factor to keep dryness at bay. It has been termed as a best source to replenish your skin and gain all the fatty acid which has been lost in the winters. Although, before thoroughly applying it on your face, use a little along with extra virgin oil just to make sure it doesn’t have any adverse effects.

Honey face mask

Since generations, honey has been used to treat various ailments be it your immunity disorder, gut health, burning fat and skin treatments. It very much works wonder in almost all cases. My grandmother being a religious lady always used to say that, honey is a gift of god provided to humans as sign of their devotion towards almighty.

Honey moisturizes your skin and improves capillary circulation. For ideal usage mix two tablespoon of honey with ½ half spoon of cinnamon powder. Mix them and apply on your face with a soft brush. Keep this mask for around 15 to 20 minutes and remove it with a gentle massage. Apply it after every four days and you will get good results.

Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil improves hydration when used as a moisturizer. With frequent experimentation by experts, the participants who were given sunflower seed oil to apply on their skin flared better and had enough moisture on their skin. In comparison to others who were not given sunflower seed oil.


Concluding, all the methods cited above are time tested and have been applied by many individuals. All those got really favorable results. You must give it a try and do share your experience below in the comment section.

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