Skincare Secrets of Famous Korean Celebrities That You Might Want To Know!

Skincare Secrets of Famous Korean Celebrities That You Might Want To Know!

The K-pop saga has taken over the world by storm. Korean drama and music has become a trend among various age groups around the world. If I talk about south East Asia, you will find women’s following the beauty regime inspired by the famous Korean celebrities.

They are eager to get a sneak-peak of Korean celebs, beauty secrets and even if you are a just a layman and no fan of Korean celebrities or Korean industry in particular. However, one thing you will admire is the beauty of Korean Women’s; they have unparalleled beauty characteristics, which ages fine with time. There radiant, illuminati, flawless skin always mesmerizes the viewers.

The fact is most Korean women are conscious about their skin; they tend to care a lot more about their skin than anybody else. For Korean women, skin is seen as an integral part of their beauty and can’t be compromised as such. The dedication of Korean women towards their skin is such that they generally have around 8 to 10 days of different skin care routine to get the maximum results.

Let’s get into more details on their skin secrets which were relatively unknown in general.

Always hydrate your skin

Singer Song Ji Yun, always recommends the practice of hydrating your skin by drinking more and more liquid per day. She believes one of the many benefits of water is that it helps in keeping her vocal chords hydrated plus, it removes unwanted toxins out of her system. She drinks up to four liters a day to keep her skin radiant and glistening.

Milk is the new nectar

Song Kong Ji, famously known as South Korea’s own Leonardo Di Caprio owes his flawless skin to one of the most underrated thing of all time and that is, milk. It might sound a bit strange however milk has many astonishing properties and one of its many benefit is, it removes oil like residue built on your skin which contains lot of impurities. With the help of fat soluble enzyme lipase it helps in eradicating dead skin and impurities from your skin.

Moisturize often

Actress Ha Ji Won, never forgets to moisturizer her skin and applies moisturizer in every few minutes. She never keeps her skin dry not even for few seconds. Ha Ji Won, has a simple method of keeping your skin moisturized. Firstly, after washing your face, immediately apply jelly pack to restore moisture lost during the cleansing. She recommends to be adherent towards this skin routine and you could see some magical results after doing so. 

Green tea is LIT

Green tea is seen as an apt substitute for normalized milk tea. It’s organic in nature and with many different herbs it helps in removing the toxins out of your body. One of the famous beauty pundits of Korea “Pony” She has a whooping three million followers on YouTube and gives pretty legit tips on beauty. One of her beauty regime is to wash the face with green tea water made by soaking bags of green tea in warm water. It has an anti- inflammatory effects on your skin that helps you reduce redness and blemishes. Following this routine, twice a week will be ideal. 


The very best methodology to get a glowing face as per famous actress, singer and all-rounder Suzy is, what she call it as a magical potion is a four minute exercise of rubbing your face with oil as to remove make up followed by two minutes of exfoliation and cleansing with water. This cleaning and exfoliating method, allows you to remove any unwarranted dust particles residing on your skin which eventually gives your skin a flawless look.


I hope you liked the Beauty secrets of Korean celebs, must give a try. You will be surprised to see its astound results.  Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions about it, any type of feedback is welcomed here. I would love to see you trying any of the beauty hack given above.


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