Take care of your skin in summers by following these steps

Summers are round the corner. The days of cold, chilling weather has almost finished, until it resurge in the later part of this year. For some summers could mean a great ecstasy for sun bath, vacation and getting tanned throughout the day.

However, for us I mean people from Indian subcontinent. Rising mercury brings in heat waves which are nothing like a breeze of wind. When it blows, it just feels like someone has snapped on your face with a heated stick. Moreover, some places like Rajasthan or southern India where the tropical climate is way too humid and hot. Peak summer months are nothing less than hell, if not hell.

Anyway, to brace yourself and protect your skin from harsh, unprecedented summer. Here are some five complied steps which will ward you from the ill effe3cts of upcoming summer showdown.

Multani mitti and sandalwood powder

The combination of multani mitti mix with sandalwood powder is a power combo and your ace strategy to deal with the summer heat and unwanted tanning. Mix a tablespoon of multani mitti, along with a tea spoon of sandalwood powder, put a little honey into it. Mix it well, make a thick paste and apply the paste on your face, hands and any other part which has been exposed under the sun. Keep it there for around 30 to 45mins Then rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.

Ideally, you can apply the paste either in the early morning or before going to bed.

Serum and moisturizer combo

An underrated combination of serum and moisturizer could very well be your BFF for summers. In summers, your skin loses its natural moisturizer which in turn results in dull, thin looking and creepy skin. Our skin naturally makes oil every day.  However, when you spend your time outside in the dry weather, most of the skin oil recedes from your skin. It’s important not to confuse moisture with hydration which is different thing (how much water your collagen bottle bristles holding on to)

Follow a cleansing ritual, with a profound moisturizing serum and replenish the moisture lost during your day to day detour.

Use Sunscreen   

A sunscreen would very well protect you from all kinds of harmful radiation coming from sun light. Your best defense against the U.V rays is to apply sunscreen before going outside and very well be reapplied in every two hours. Choosing the right sunscreen is harder than you think, experts recommend sunscreen that is SPF30 and UVA/UVB protected.

If you’re a swimming person, well you should look out for water resistant sunscreen. Re-apply it after getting out from the water.

Carry an Umbrella

Umbrellas are mostly seen as an amenity to protect you from getting wet during the rain or a hailstorm. However, there is one more benefit of having an umbrella and it is quite popular in the place where I come from. It comes handy in the peak summer months, especially during the day when sun is at its peak.

With a help of an umbrella you can shield of the harmful U.V rays and heat waves which are really harmful not only for your skin but your overall body. While going out always make sure you carry an umbrella and if you’re a person of true fashion sense, then an accessory like umbrella could certainly enhance your elegance.

Avoid the sun between 10am to 2 pm

The sun emits harmful U.V rays during the day time especially between the timeframe of 10am to 2 pm. Avoid going out during this time, unnecessarily. However, if you’re a person who is not accustomed and can’t confine itself even during the day. Make sure you’re taking all the necessary precaution while going out likes, covering your face with a clothing or carrying something to keep you under a shade.


The time has come to celebrate and make some noise for the upcoming summer blues. I hope the above given tips are helpful.

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