Unexpected Rise of Korean culture in India

Unexpected Rise of Korean culture in India

First, let me give you an anecdotal reference, one of my friends she belongs to Nagaland. Once discussed with me about the how much influence Korean music which is popularly known as K-pop, Korean soap operas and Korean skin care brands have in the minds of youths in Nagaland.

 I was taken aback, not because Korean movies or drama are something to despise off infect they are popular in west too but because, I failed to understand despite having simpler option of viewing Indian T.V soaps and movies. Why, the young generations of Naga youths prefer Korean over the mainstream Indian media?

And not only are they popular in Nagaland. Also, in most of the seven sister’s states the youth has considerable amount of exposure related to K-pop music and drama series. Especially the young, girls and boys alike are getting attracted to the Korean entertainment genre. It has produced a cult which is just burgeoning in the minds of young population. They want to inculcate Korean habits straight from dressing style, hair style and even some of the food habits.

Why Korean media is getting popular among the populace is because of the fact that there entertainment industry, their T.V serials, pop music are just very enthralling to watch.

Unlike Indian drama serials, which heavily relies upon the saas-bahu friction, the plotting and treachery between family members, predictable story line and love stories which more or less ends in tragedy. On the other hand, Korean cinema and TV shows are pretty much breathtaking. There scripts, characters and emotional connection building with viewers make it interesting to watch.

The way their popular culture shows the subtle part of innocent teenage romance, the virtuous or pure chemistry between the couple devoid of any sizzling romantic scenes is really fun to watch. The very intriguing concept of close family ties similar to that of tribal societies in north east of India has also played a pivoted role in making the Korean TV shows and music well known in the North east of India.

With Government of India’s act east policy, the cross cultural between South Korea and India will increase in the coming years. The Korean beauty products are also popular among the skin care enthusiasts because of its niche quality and actual results.

And lastly, with the increasing fan base of K-Pop music in metro cities, we can safely assume that the obsession with Korean culture has just started in India.


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