Why Vitamin C is necessary for your skin?

Everyone wants to be like an enchanting beauty. However, only a few are able to do that. Why? Not because there is some heavily guarded secret of skincare routine which is lying underneath the very depth of ocean only a few privileged could access it but, because there are simple, basic rules of skincare which are thoroughly ignored by general masses and in most cases lack of genuine, skincare advice plays a critical part.

Trust me when I say this, there are no classified theory of how to refurnish your skin. A truly, basic and yet effective skincare patterns could do wonders if are followed diligently. One such advice which is often ignored is the amount of nutrients especially Vitamin C, your skin require in day to day basis.

You could have gone through number of articles on Internet pointing towards how Vitamin C serum will help you to get the ideal glow on your face. However, one thing most of the articles miss out is why only vitamin C serum? Why not Vitamin E after all it also helps in maintaining the glow of your skin.  And why it is always applied directly, why can’t we just have vitamin C enriched fruits or vegetables which will be much easier and effective in comparison to the application of it.

Well, let me tell you why Vitamin C in the form of serum which technically means Vitamin C in a liquid form is a more nuanced version of essential ingredient and when applied directly to your skin, it gets absorbed pretty quickly and it is the most direct way to reap its benefits.  Vitamin C thickens the dermis; obliterate fine lines and increases luminosity, providing your skin a young, radiant look. Ideally, a concentration of 10 % Vitamin C is enough for even the most sensitive, inflammatory skin.

What makes Vitamin C stand apart and super necessary for your skin is apart from the above mentioned benefits, Vitamin C also protects your skin from sun damage. It provides much needed impetus to your skin and with the growing age when the skin starts to lose its elasticity Vitamin C helps in countering the effects by naturally producing collagen which is a form of protein helps in maintaining the grip and firmness of your skin.

Also, Vitamin C serum should always be applied in the night after removing your make up and cleansing of your face with toner or a face wash. Because, your body needs anti oxidants to shield and fight off outside dust pollution and harmful sun radiation damage. When applying Vitamin C serum at night your body builds up storage of anti oxidants which will be used the other day when you will need it the most.

There are many other underlying benefits of Vitamin C serum. However, it can’t be summed up in this single article. But in a nutshell, I hope you get an fair idea about pulling off a great, healthy, glowing and supple skin requires just a few principles and if you stick to it. You will get what you deserve.

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