About us

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, however could beauty be optimized at its maximum level without losing its contemporary essence.

We at MAY Cosmetics strive towards the policy where the women’s of our society can showcase their natural self.

After all, the youthfulness of a women, the charm of her beauty should never be downsize and lose its glint. Our well researched and top rated Korean products are known for its originality and sheer effectiveness.

These natural enriched products works as a nectar for your skin.


Our sheer aim is,

  • To pursue, to provide,top notch quality cosmetic products.
  • Products, which are non-toxic in nature.
  • Products, known for its high result-oriented value.
  • Products which are induced with nature’s aura and potency.
  • Products, which are deliberately produced to provide you with fragrance of femininity


Personal note from the founder

Thank You for taking out time and scrolling down till here, we are in a pursuit to give you best experience here at MAY Cosmetics. I am thankful to our loving customers who believe in us.

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Cosrx-Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 Patches)

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Cosrx-Acne Pimple Master Patch (24 Patches)

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